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Currently focusing on UI/UX design but

I also ❤ working on Brand Identity System

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About me


My name is Suvasish Sahoo and I’m a creative designer who practices human-centered design principles, delivering seamless, intuitive, and meaningful experiences on digital products.

I seek clarity, communicate with understanding, and collaborate with teams using compassion and shared respect. I have been working with startups, businesses and individuals for more than 2 years which gives me the ability to approach design problems methodically and intuitively.

Currently working on:

  • UI/UX design
  • Brand Idenity design

My aim is not only to design visuals but also to solve business problems.

My Process

  • Survey the client to uncover the business goals and history of the brand
  • Clearly communicate with the client about the needs of the user
  • Try to understand & discuss the technicalities
  • Draft a scope to determine milestones that align with the goals and fit within the budget, deadline and technical resources
  • Explore the needs and wants of the user
  • Research competitors in the market
  • Gather resources to carry out the project
  • Sketch out rough ideas
  • Break down the epic into smaller, actionable goals
  • Research established UX patterns for achieving a similar goal
  • Design the user flow and try to come up with the ideas like how to complete each goal in the least amount of steps
  • DBreak down the user flows into a system of interconnected components
  • Develops wireframes based on the components
  • Explore visual design patterns and inspirations
  • Research framework and/or guidelines if necessary
  • Experiment with different styles, colours and typography most suited to the needs
  • Transform the wireframes into high fidelity mockups
  • Generate a consistent UI kit & guidelines
    (Tool: Zeplin)
  • Determine the start, processing and end state for each action
    (Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision)
  • Animate visual components such as logos for intro screens and preloaders
    (Tool: Adobe After Effects)


Contact me:

  Email me if you think we should be working together on interesting projects.

Also available for full time job as a designer in Bengaluru, India.

Phone Number

+91 9776 532 121
+91 7978 103 300

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